Unwinds / Rewinds

Industrial Engraving designs and manufactures unwind/rewind machines ranging from 25 inches up to nearly 180 inches in width. These machines are engineered to deliver high performance for your specific application, either integrated into existing lines or operating as standalone units.

Unwind Machines

Friction – Pulls the substrate off the embosser using gravity and momentum rather than a drive motor. An adjustable airbrake controls the speed and provides the proper amount of force needed to pull the substrate and ensure the embossing pattern remains intact.

Center-Driven – Features a geared mandrel that controls unwind speed.

Belt-Driven – Commonly used prior to an embossing pattern being applied to a substrate.

Rewind Machines

Rewind machines are all driven:

  • Center-driven
  • Surface-driven

The embosser or the rewind machine typically acts as the host. Industrial Engraving engineers the load cell to automatically match the speed of the embosser.

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