Roll Engraving

Roll engraving is an artistic production process that goes back to the early days of Industrial Engraving’s product offerings. In addition to applying patterns to new rolls, we provide cost-effective, re-engraving services that extend the lifespan of your existing rolls.

Engraving options include:


    • Tooling
    • Master rolls
    • Laser rolls
    • DTT (Digital Transfer Technology)

What is the DTT process?

Digital Transfer Technology (DTT) allows for the engraving of rolls without the cost of tooling or master rolls. Re-engraves on existing roll bodies usually can be accomplished without removing large amounts of metal that shorts the roll’s lifespan.

Our pattern development experts can manipulate the pattern to fit the roll diameter, and then programmed into the DTT engraver. This process shortens the turnaround time required for most patterns.

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