Single Station Embossers

Single station embossers from Industrial Engraving typically load from the top, providing simple roll handling for minimal downtime. Custom design and matching machine manuals are standard.

Other standard features

    • Heavy-duty, solid steel frames
    • Pneumatic loading (hydraulic, air over hydraulic, or jack screw loading optional)
    • Adjustments for matched steel emboss rolls
    • Nip adjustment
    • Guarding
    • Controls tied in with existing circuitry

Optional features

    • Bowed rolls
    • Idler (guide) rolls
    • Rotating brush roll cleaners
    • Hydraulic power units
    • Disc brake
    • Web wrap detector
    • Constant tension device

Contact us at 920-865-7304 to learn more about our single station embossers and how they can benefit your operations.