Embossing Equipment

We engineer our embossing equipment to withstand the rigors of handling heavy embossing rolls for years as a dependable element of your company’s asset base. Industrial Engraving’s track record of producing durable embossing equipment makes us the smart choice for manufacturers who require embossers that stand up to the stresses of high-speed operations.


  • Matched Steel
    • The machine can use mating male and female rolls, nested rolls, or pin-to-pin (foot-to-foot) roll sets.
  • Rubber/Steel
    • This machine runs a steel engraved roll against a rubber-covered roll.
  • Paper/Steel
    • Similar to a matched steel embosser, this configuration runs a steel engraved roll against a fiber (paper) filled roll.
  • Perf Emboss
    • This matched steel embosser runs rolls that perforate the paper substrate to enhance absorption properties.
  • Foot-to-Foot (Pin-to-Pin)
    • Rolls in this matched steel configuration are mounted so the embossments on each roll are aligned.
  • Nested
    • This matched steel configuration features a reverse image on the opposing roll so the patterns fit together like a gear.
  • Custom Equipment
    • Industrial Engraving can design equipment specifically engineered to perform your desired embossing or calendering application.

Optional Equipment

  • Unwinds
  • Rewinds
  • Calender units
  • Brush roll cleaners for embossing rolls
  • Paper roll run-in stands

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