Compact Unwind / Embosser

Custom-designed compact unwind/embossing units from Industrial Engraving accomplish exactly what their name implies: these heavy-duty machines are designed to take up less of the valuable floor space in your facility than conventional units.

Standard features

    • Solid steel frames
    • Pneumatic loading (hydraulic, air over hydraulic, or jack screw loading optional)
    • Adjustments for matched steel emboss rolls
    • Nip adjustment
    • Driven unwind stand
    • Guarding
    • Custom manuals
    • Controls tied in with existing circuitry

Optional features

    • Bowed rolls
    • Idler (guide) rolls
    • Rotating brush roll cleaners
    • Hydraulic power units
    • Hydraulic brake
    • Web wrap detector
    • Constant tension device

Contact us at 920-865-7304 to learn more about our compact and unwind/embosser units and how they can benefit your operations.