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Roll Engraving / Roll Repair

Industrial Engraving offers a variety of engraving options to suit our customers requirements.

Rolls manufactured at Industrial Engraving as well as rolls supplied by the customer can be engraved.

Industrial Engraving also offers re-engraving services which include complete roll inspection, journal repair, removing old engraving, and re-engraving the roll with a new pattern of choice.

Engraving Options:
  • Tooling
  • Master Rolls
  • Laser Rolls
  • DTT


The new DTT process allows the engraving of rolls without the cost of tooling or master rolls.

  • The benefits include the ability to fit almost infinite roll diameters. This means that re-engraves on existing roll bodies can usually be done without removing large amounts of metal and shortening the life of the roll itself.
  • Patterns can be manipulated by our pattern development personnel to fit the roll diameter and then programmed for the DTT engraver.
  • DTT engraving shortens the turnaround time required to engrave most patterns.

Industrial Engraving, LLC offers services from pattern design to lab line prototyping to on-time delivery of multiple lines. Our specialized capability provides you with the advantage of worldwide rollout for new products through a single source.

+1 920 865 7304
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