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Calendering Equipment

Hardened calender rolls can be installed as engraved rolls, as smooth rolls, or in combination.

Calendering Unit

These vertical or horizontal two (2) roll units are of the same quality and similar design to Industrial Engraving's standard embossers. Each unit, however, can be customized for various thermobond or thermoform applications as well as non-heated calendering applications.

Heated roll designs incorporate the use of shell roll construction and can be supplied by various manufacturers throughout the industry.

Standard features include hydraulic loading and mechanical roll adjustability to facilitate skew adjustment for uniform contact across the roll face.

Calender units can be supplied in the following configurations:

  • Smooth Steel to Steel
  • Engraved Steel to Smooth Steel roll
  • Smooth Steel to Rubber
  • Smooth Steel to Fiber

Industrial Engraving, LLC offers services from pattern design to lab line prototyping to on-time delivery of multiple lines. Our specialized capability provides you with the advantage of worldwide rollout for new products through a single source.

+1 920 865 7304
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